This page was founded after God gave me the assignment to bring hope to others regarding spiritual warfare and our children. This occurred after going through a terrifying experience with my then 14 year old daughter and her walk into darkness through the doors of the occult which led to demonic activity in our home.

This took a few years to come to a crisis point. It started with the emo/goth look, screamo music and cutting. Cutting is especially popular with teens right now, especially girls and I believe it is demonic. We took her to counseling and tried to help her. I did not know that she was hanging with a group of kids that were using the ouiji board and other items to conjure up demons and dark powers.

Some of them were in the vampire clan trend that has become more popular with teens right now. My daughter was taken over by these forces and I witnessed her mind become tortured as we entered a crisis mode of demonic activity. At first I was not sure what I was looking at  but the holy spirit made it clear that I was looking at demonic activity in my daughter. I was terrified. 

A miracle occurred as God guided me step by step in knowing how to help and find outside help for my daughter so that she could be delivered and set free and I could have my daughter back. I remember at one point screaming "satan you cannot have my daughter" and I meant it. I was committed to standing in the gap against the darkness for my child. 

Through this experience our whole family was transformed and today she is happy, free and has an authentic relationship with Christ. She knows that God saved her life. It was truly a miracle watching how God literally transformed her life. Her mission now is to speak to youth groups about self harm and the occult and the dangers in both.

I am here to support, encourage, pray and give others who may be in a similar situation with their child hope and the reminder that God can save our children no matter how lost they may be.

We live in a time where God still heals and moves and transforms the darkness into light. Not everyone's child will reach this crisis point but if they may if they are practicing the occult of which there are many methods. Also, behaviors like drug use, self harm and other things can open the door to darkness. Pray that God draws your child to him. The battle is real.  Do not be deceived, satan is after our young people. My mission here is to provide hope, support and prayer to parents who are where I was.

The battle can feel overwhelming but trust God and know we were given authority over the enemy and there are tools that we can use. Feel free to message me on contact page if you need support or prayer.  I have prayer warriors in place to pray  for your child and ministers to help with deliverance if needed.  I have no doubt that intercessory prayer from many people helped saved my daughter's life and transform her into the free and healthy young woman she is today.  God Bless and may your children be protected in Jesus’s name.